iOS - Write to Auth0.plist


As per the Auth0 guidelines, we have to save ClientId and Domain in Auth0.plist. My iOS app has got different environments like dev, qa, staging and production with their respective ClientId and Domain. Depending on user login I will have to save/update the values in plist.

The problem is location of Auth0.plist is inside the main bundle of app which is not writable on device. Thus crashing the app on device.

How can I update the Auth0.plist?

In my opinion the configuration you mention should be a compile time decision and not a runtime decision; in other words you should not be modifying that file when the application runs. You may want to have different values per environment, but those should be set when building the application and having the build pipeline know about which environment to target.

It is a runtime decision. If my user enter qa$username then I have to point to QA environment and so on.