iOS SDK WebAuth Error on some devices

We’ve been using Auth0 in our iOS apps without issue for some time, but we’ve recently onboarded several new groups of users and some devices are persistently showing an error when we attempt to login using WebAuth. Specifically, it says Authorization Extension: "0" is not allowed be empty. Obviously, this is very cryptic and doesn’t give us much to go on.

Since the error pops up immediately and doesn’t even get to the point where the user inputs an email, it doesn’t suggest an issue with their profile configuration unless there’s something cached that’s throwing things off. We also call clearSession before all login attempts since the devices are shared between users and we don’t want passwords to be cached. Has anybody seen anything like this?

Hey there!

Haven’t experienced it before but let me ask internally what this error message means and get back to you!

I’ve opened an internal support ticket on your behalf and the appropriate team is investigating it but in the meantime are you sure you haven’t modified / added any rules?

Thank you for the info!

Are you able to spot any differences between users before and after that started happening? Any additional context for debugging to our team will be crucial!

Hey there!

Friendly ping. Have you had a chance to see my last message?