Invite User to change the password before logging in for the first time

I’ve got a question regarding this process of inviting users to join the App:
Can you please confirm or deny that it is not possible to send a newly created user an email with a link which will direct the user directly to the passwordchange site from the dashboard?
Up to now i used the API management site to create a ticket link for a password change and then invited to used i created in the dashboard with this link to change his password and login. But it seems to me that this process is very time consuming once the App gets more users and i’m looking for a more efficient way since i want to be the once creating the users and them inviting them to join the app by changing their passwords…
Thanks for your help!

Hi @cbafo thanks for reaching out!

You should be able to achieve this via the dashboard, it would require setting up a Hook first this post has examples that should make it fairly straight forward:

Let me know if that solution works for your use case!


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Okay, i think i could make it kinda work, i will adjust the password change email.
Thank you anyway for your help!

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No worries! We’re here for you! Glad you have figured it out!

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