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Invite-only application with password and Google login


I have an invite-only application and I would like to give access only to users manually created by an administrator in the Auth0 dashboard.

I have it working for email/password logins, with the Disable Sign Ups option in the email/password connection: I create email/password users manually. But anyone with a Google Account can still login to my application.

Is there a way to restrict Google Accounts (or any other connection) to only those that I manually create via the dashboard?


Social connection with invite-only

Hi @cucho,

Just thinking out loud here but I believe, if you can match the Google accounts with the manually created accounts in some way, you could implement this in a rule or maybe a pre-registration hook. E.g., if you manually create the accounts using the user’s gmail email address, you could implement logic along the lines of “if this Google user’s email address matches a user in the Auth0 user database, link the accounts and carry on, else reject the user”.

I haven’t tested this myself, but sounds like an interesting experiment. I might give it a shot.

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Any luck re-creating this scenario?
From what I see, I can only add users in Auth0 using a user/password connection?

I’ve brought this up here as well -