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Hello All,

I have created a flow where a users can gain access to a tenant in my application by using a invite link that is generated by an admin. This invite link is basically a nonce that is a key to a record in the applications DB. When this link is used my application creates an authorise link with a extra query pram containing this nonce; there is a corresponding Rule in Auth0 the watches out for this key value pair and makes a call back to the application to validate the nonce.

This works well but when a user chooses to use a social connection this custom query pram is stripped out when redirecting to the social connection authorise URL. Is it possible to ensure this custom query pram is added to the redirect_uri? Would be happy to create a rule to manage this but I can not see in the docs anywhere if this is possible or not, and assuming no.

If it is not possible I recommend that Auth0 add this extensibility point as it seems like an easy win to allow this type of user provisioning. Of course I may be missing something to why this in not possible or a good idea.


I have been doing a bit of research and it looks like I may be able to create a custom extension.


I have been trying to use an custom extension to no success, but I have not been able to devote much time to it this week. I will keep looking into this but does anyone have any thoughts?

So it seems that I have found the issue, Auth0 renames the attribute that is added to the context.request.query prop. So InviteToken will become invite_token. this was throwing me, and I did not see it as I was going down the garden path with extensions.

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