Invitation for organization issue

First and foremost, Auth0 is a great product! Unfortunately, the documentation is somewhat confusing.

I’m stuck on getting the invitation for organization flow. Here’s my steps:

  1. Received an email for invitation to join organization.
  2. Click on the invitation link in the email will shows me the invitation page.
  3. entered my windowslive credentials
  4. auth0 throws error which i don’t what it means.

(for the sake of security i blur out my email address)

Attached are some screenshots of what i mean.

Hope to get some help and attention from admins or the community… Thanks!

NOTE: I am not using any auth0 SDK, just APIs. I am using Blazor Wasm (SPA) for this proof of concept app.

Hi @shah

Welcome to the Auth0 Community :grinning:

On that error page, there will be a “Technical Details” section at the bottom of the screen that you can expand with further information. Are you able to share what it says there? this will hold key information.

Warm regards.