Invalid response code from the auth0-sandbox: HTTP 400. Unexpected identifier

I am able to update all user root attributes, even sending the very same email with success:

However, If I try to change the email, then I get the following error:

The weird thing is, I can change the email in two other tenants with exactly the same configuration as the mentioned tenant that is raising the Unexpected identifier. What could it be? Some more details:

  • Tenant name: jsm-juntosid-dev
  • The database does not require username
  • The database has Login and GetUser scripts. We use them for migration purposes
  • The client ID I0sRxyeXFRRH30UIhgytBEYOWFvaMWMg is enabled in jsm-main-including-migrations

I could identify what was happening. When you call the API to change the email, Auth0 calls the Get User script. Unfortunately, our backend was raising an error during the process. I couldn’t see it through the Auth0 Logs because it does not hold any information regarding it.

After fixing the backend, I could call the API to change the user’s email.

I hope it helps someone out there.

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