Introducing Auth0 Signals!

Today, Auth0 is announcing the acquisition of, an anti-abuse API company. This is Auth0’s first acquisition, bolstering our security strategy to protect against automated cyberattacks, including credential stuffing attacks. is now a part of Auth0 Signals, a new technology initiative encompassing a suite of threat intelligence sources and risk signals. Auth0 Signals fuels Auth0’s Anomaly Detection Engine to detect and prevent sophisticated cyberattacks. In addition, much of Auth0 Signals will be made available via free APIs to help anyone better protect themselves from threat actors.

To try out Auth0 IP Signals, our first free Signals API, visit

Checkout the blog or browse the docs for more info!


Sounds very interesting, and it is a feature that has been sought after on our end.
Can you perhaps share a little bit more, as to the timeline as to when the features listed in the blog will be available for general use in anomaly detection? I’m thinking along the lines, of the score being available for use in rules and for blocking via anomaly detection


Hi @mihw_dk,

I don’t have a specific timeline at this moment, but the features are coming. When we have a date it should be on our Public Roadmap. I’ll update this thread when that happens. Thanks for the kind words and interest!

Does anti abuse include detecting “account sharing” ? Helping your customers detect account sharing and providing automatic methods for escalating factor challenges when users are in violation of TOS is a huge value add for any IDPaaS company to offer. I think you should add it to your products.

What is distributed tracing and how does OpenTelemetry work for event-driven integration? Kroger eSchedule

Hey there everyone!

There are ongoing changes to the Signals stack at the moment (Apility) and we are not able to provide any information about that as of now. Once we have some news to share, we’ll do that. Sorry for thee inconvenience!

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