Auth0 Signals API key returns null


I created my free account so I could get an API key to test the new Auth0 Signals API, since Auth0 acquired, but whenever I want to copy the API key from my dashboard, only “null” is returned instead of the actual API key.

Has anyone else been to generate an Auth0 Signals API key on the free plan?

Many thanks.

Hi @azian,

Welcome to the Community!

I just set up a new free account to try this and can’t reproduce the issue.

Can you tell me more info/steps to reproduce?

What browser are you using? How are you signing up? Anything that seems relevant.


Hi Dan,

The test I did was with Firefox 74.0 (64-bit), and I created my account using:

I logged back into my dashboard just now , and now I see my actual API key. Yesterday I didn’t see any value.


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Glad it is working for you. Let me know if you run into this issue again.

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