Bearer error=\"invalid_token\", error_description=\"The signature key was not found\""

In local the authentication works fine, on my test server using https, it works fine. but on my dev server using only http, i have this error:
Bearer error="invalid_token", error_description="The signature key was not found""

The code is exactly the same, the only difference is http and https.

Do you know how to fix the problem?

That’s insufficient information to provide any meaningful assistance. You should provide additional information about technologies, Auth0 configuration being used, possible libraries/SDK’s, etc.

With the information provided (unless you’re lucky to have someone that already experienced the same exact error reading this) it’s unlikely for you to receive definitive answer. Having said that I can still provide a GTFY approach so for that error, we have:

However, if Google has it right and the source of the error is IdentityServer you’ll likely have better support if you go straight to the source or use a more general Q&A platform like StackOverflow.

For the next who could have this error, on the publish, you need to select remove previous file in the Vs Publish Settings. So the app kept using the previous configuration …

Thank to have read my request :slight_smile: