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Internationalization for Universal Login?



I’m trying to use Universal Login, so completely hosted by Auth0, however all users get English texts. Does Universal login support internationalization? If so, does it auto-detect the locale for the user or can I force it? I don’t see any related parameters in the API docs.
Would be sad if I have to switch to Lock, since we’re trying to minimize the impact of switching to Auth0.

Robert te Kaat


I just found out that the Universal Login itself also uses Lock and by customizing it, I can force the language-parameter to a certain value. This works great and solves my problem.
Nevertheless: why can’t the language be auto-detected (or perhaps even be changed by the user)?

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Hey @robert.te.kaat!

It’s true. You can internationalize Universal Login with different language options so as to be able to customise it for your users.

Why it can’t be auto-detected?

It’s just not implemented yet, so I highly encourage you to submit it as a Lock feature request via our feedback site:

Thanks a lot!

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