Internal error when using page templates

Problem statement

We’re running into this generic “internal error” on login for users on our app when using page templates.


  • Internal error returned by universal login pages
  • Page template in use

Steps to reproduce

Apply the page template:

<!DOCTYPE html><html>
    {%- auth0:head -%}
    {%- -%}
    {%- auth0:widget -%}

Attempt to login to tenant using custom domain so page templates are used.


Liquid syntax differentiates tags and variables with :

{% abc %}


{{ abc }}

respectively. This can cause errors at render time if these are used incorrectly.


A potential cause of this error is incorrect liquid syntax being used within the New Universal Login page’s template. For example liquid syntax differentiates tags and variables as below respectively:

{% abc %}  // This is a tag
{{ abc }} // This is a variable

Please see the below links for what variables are available within a page template, and more information on the liquid syntax: