Interested in Auth0 supporting "Modern Auth" for Office 365

We are using the custom external SMTP email provider that is connecting to our Office365. Microsoft is moving forward with only supporting modern authentication. How can we get this SMTP connection to support “modern auth”?


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Our product teams are aware of this and we do plan to support Microsoft’s “modern auth” but we do not have any ETA yet as to when it will become available as it is currently in backlog status.

Per Microsoft’s documentation, it seems that “SMTP AUTH will still be available when Basic authentication is permanently disabled on October 1, 2022.”, please see this doc:

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We are also in need of Modern Auth in order to move fully to Office 365 support. Is there an ETA on this feature yet?


Our email stopped working this morning when MS flipped the “No Basic Auth for You” switch.

Took us a while to flip it back on.

7/28 - 10/1 is 65 days away.

SMTP Auth is available but cannot be configured in the Auth0 control panel as it stands today. This is what the original Poster was inquiring about.

It is now 64 days until we no longer can use Auth0.

Any update on the timeline for this feature? I work for a paying customer that is interested in this feature.

I’ll second the request for timelines for this capability. We’re about to start a new Auth0 project and we assumed O365 would be a viable email option. We need to determine whether to wait for “modern auth” support or pivot to another email provider.


We also facing this situation now. Can we get an answer. Microsoft will no longer support this option as of 1st-January-2023.

Can you suggest an alternative to auth0 for Microsoft 365 integration?