Integrating Auth0 with CKAN and React together


I am a relatively new user of Auth0. My clients - they have their own Auth0 auth running and I need to add a service for them for their users (of course using Auth0).

The application I am using is CKAN (a popular DMS built with flask/pylons as backend and Jinja Templates). I have been able to get auth to work for CKAN, however if we are not using CKAN SSR templates, I am not sure how to add Auth0 to my React app.

I have seen your React SDK and how it performs authentication in the frontend. The part I am really confused about is: let’s say the auth is performed from the frontend and I get an access token. How can I verify this token in the backend?

Secondly, is there any other way by performing authentication from CKAN and sharing the access token to frontend?