Including custom fields in getAccessTokenSilently and using them in rules/actions


We are trying to include a custom field during the login process. The purpose is to be able to inject dynamic params into payload from rules or actions. Client is a react.js app and we use @auth0/auth0-react library. Noticed that getAccessTokenSilently is extensible to include custom params:

     * If you need to send custom parameters to the Authorization Server,
     * make sure to use the original parameter name.
    [key: string]: any;

We are using it as following:

const { getAccessTokenSilently } = useAuth0();
const accessToken = await getAccessTokenSilently({
        audience: 'my-audience',
        scope: 'read:current_user',
        'foo': 'bar'

The question is, how we get access to foo=bar from inside the rules or action triggers?

Hi @rubenhak,

You should be able to read the extra params in the context.request.query object in Rules and the event.request.query object in Actions.

Thank you Stephanie!

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