Custom Parameters not available in Rules context while using gettokensilently()

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I am using auth0-spa-js library in my React app .

Once after authenticating initially, I want to generate access tokens for other users as part of my requirement , for which I need to add different email addresses in context object in Auth0 rules. Currently I am trying to use gettokensilently method in auth0-spa-js library by adding custom Parameters in it. But I am not able to get the added custom Parameters in Auth0 rules.

How exactly can I achieve my requirement or is there any other way to do it effectively. Can anyone please give your suggestions.


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You should be able to add custom params like this:


It is possible that getTokenSilently is getting a cached access token and is avoiding the rules flow because it doesn’t need to make a new request.

Hi There,

Thanks for the reply. It works when I explicitly pass the custom parameters into getTokenSliently method as given in the example above.

But when I try to spread the custom parameters into the method it doesn’t work. Please find the example below:

customParams = { foo: 'bar', vehicle: 'car' }
getTokenSilently({ ignoreCache: true , ...customParams});

Can someone please suggest what’s wrong here.


I am able to get this to work using the Vanilla JS ‘Call An API’ Quickstart, using this code:

    const customParams = { foo:'bar', color: 'blue' }
    const token = await auth0.getTokenSilently({ignoreCache: true, ...customParams});

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 9.45.32 AM

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