Include unit-testing examples / best practices in documentation

Make sure all quick-starters contain everything needed that the default / most common Unit-testing Frameworks can be used with the code

As quality code nowadays is unit tested (often even automatically in the build pipeline) the quick-starters should also come with all required parts to enable this. While it may be too much to make this work for each and every testing-framework at least the most common one(s) should be in there.
To be clear, I am not talking about “help me to write a test for my application”, but “what steps need to be done so that components that calls an Auth0 provided library can be created without running into initialisation errors” - and what the best practices would be (e.g. what data to pass into it or how to mock required parts in a good way).

I am working on an application that consists out of multiple independent parts, written in React and Angular. To make sure the components do what they should and are not broken by a change we apply unit-testing as well as integration testing.

This originated from here: How to unit test AuthService in Angular SDK

Thanks a lot for creating this feature request Manuel!

Let’s see how many other from community will be interested in such addition!

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