How to unit test AuthService in Angular SDK

I have followed the documentation on but there is no documentation on writing unit tests.

I have tried defining authService in my spec file as follows:
beforeEach(() => {
authService = TestBed.inject(AuthService);

But I get the following error:
NullInjectorError: R3InjectorError(DynamicTestModule)[AuthService -> InjectionToken auth0.client -> InjectionToken auth0.client]:
NullInjectorError: No provider for InjectionToken auth0.client!

Please let me know how to test the Angular SDK AuthService

Hey there!

We don’t have specific guidance on how to run tests for specific parts of our stack. We only offer general guidance on testing your integrations with Auth0 stack. More on that here:

Hello, thank you for the reply.

Is there a way to write the unit test cases for @auth0/auth0-angular SDK or are there any examples on this? I need to be able to mock the AuthService or test it in any possible way. I could not find anything on this based on the links.

As I said above we don’t have content for each specific part of the stack, rather general content on testing with Auth0. Hello, have you solved this somehow? I have the same issue