Include OrganizationId as a param in the applications login Url or append in Rule?


Is it at all possible to include a dynamic tag (replacement param) for OrganizationId/Name in an application login url’s setting? We are using /api/v2/tickets/password-change to generate a password reset ticket url, in which we specify the organization ID, but without having that value back in the login url (which the user is navigated to when they click on the “return to Application” button) then we do not know which tenant/organization the user belongs to.

Strangely if you use the tenant settings > advanced > default login url, then it appends the organizationId to the redirect url, but this is at a tenant level, and would affect other apps.

Perhaps there is another way of doing this, with a rule?

An example of the body of the API call for password reset ticket link:


“connection_id”: “con_xxxx”,

“organization_id”: “org_xxx”,

“client_id”: “xxxxx”,

“email”: “”,

“mark_email_as_verified”: true,

“includeEmailInRedirect”: true

Many Thanks in advance,