Inability to authenticate in app with Firefox Nightly on Android

I have an app that uses auth0 for sign-up/sign-in via Google, Facebook, and email. I typically use email.

My default browser on my Android device has been Firefox Nightly for well over a year, and signing up or signing in with my email address has never been an issue. Today I tried to sign in, but when I press the “Continue with Email” button I get sent to a white screen that says “Found. Redirecting to” and it never redirects me. I can’t sign in or sign up via email.

I switched my phone’s default browser to stable Firefox and everything works as expected.

I know that Firefox Nightly is considered pre-production software, but I’m concerned that there might be some new privacy change rolling out to production versions of Firefox in the near future that will break this flow for a lot more people. I found that there was a similar case a few years back with a cookie change related to SameSite, and I see that the change was applied in Firefox Nightly first, and then regular Firefox, so it’s a possibility.

It could just be a bug in Firefox Nightly, but I wanted to start a topic just to see if this is a known issue, or something that others are experiencing.

Hey @essteeyou welcome to the community!

Thanks for pointing this out - I am experiencing the same behavior FWIW. It’s hard to know for sure what may be causing the issue, but definitely something to keep an eye on. Typically Firefox, Google, etc. are good at announcing changes like the SameSite change you referenced, so I’d expect our SDK maintainers to be out in front of it. I might recommend filing an issue against the SDK itself just so they are aware - Please share a link to that issue if you decide to create one!


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