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In Mobile Application, how to authenticate using native FB app



We are using FB social login in our mobile app. When the user chooses to authenticate with FB and if the FB app is already installed in the phone, we would like to authenticate the user using the native FB app present in the phone rather than having the user enter the FB credentials again in the browser.
Our App is built using React-Native and we are using “/authorize” endpoint to perform social authentication through the browser and deep-link back to the app after successful authentication.

Below is an example behaviour of what i am trying to achieve -
![alt text][1]


We are also hoping to get this behaviour in the React-Native SDK


At this time, this is something that is not available so the authentication process for Facebook would be through a browser instead of Facebook’s own native application. Merely as additional information I can let you know that this is something that I’ve seen discussed and may be reviewed in order to consider some support, but I have no definitive information about if/when will be supported.