In laravel-auth0, the SDK is not exposed, so how can we renew tokens?

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Currently, as far as I can see, its impossible using the laravel-auth0 library to renew tokens.

Primary question
How do I issue a renew token request via laravel-auth0?


  • I can access the refresh token
  • I have offline_access as a scope, and its enabled in the API
  • I can login/register
  • I can access the access token and correctly validate it

I’ve gone through all the source code, line by line, trying to figure this out.

The only way I can do it is by modifying the source (obviously not a solution).

In vendor/auth0/login/src/Auth0/Login/Auth0Service.php
If I add the following function, it works.

    public function renewTokens()
        return $this->getSDK()->renewTokens();

The alternative would be to construct a new SDK (new Auth0($config)), but I feel like a) that is a lot of duplicated code and is b) fragile making sure the two are in sync.
I also am not confident that would work as the whole provider is wrapped in a singleton, so creating a second seems to break that abstraction.

There is a beta (non production) version of the laravel lib, which does expose the SDK:

The beta is general looks like its doing a lot more than 6.5 in general, but can’t be used because its not production ready.

I’m a little surprised people haven’t hit this before? Renewing tokens would be pretty common? Unless I’m missing something painfully obvious…

This was answered via the issue tracker.
In short, no, its not exposed in v6.5 There doesn’t appear to be a clear way in a stateful laravel app to renew tokens and we should wait until v7 is available

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