Improved troubleshooting for Webtasks

Feature: Improved troubleshooting for Webtasks.

Description: The only tool available for troubleshooting webtask issues in the Real-Time Webtask Logs extension. This tool is almost useless in a production environment. Messages scroll by far too quickly to be of any use. The “search” feature scrolls off the top of the screen along with the logs. In general it is not at all useful. In fact the best way to use the Extension is to use your dev tools too extract the URL + API key to access the logs outside the Extensions UI and then “File->Save” the logs to local disk. This is not a good UX!

Use-case: We need useful tools for troubleshooting webtask-related issues. E.g., Webtask logs should be exportable to an external tool like the tenant logs; combine webtask logs with the tenant logs natively so they are time-correlated; make the RT Webtask Logs extension more useful; etc.

Hi @markd,

Thank you very much for submitting this feedback request asking for support to improve the Real-time Webtask Logs Extension.

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