Improved experience for configuring Security settings in our Dashboard

We’re excited to introduce improvements to the user experience of configuring Security related features in our Management Dashboard!

What changed?

  • Anomaly Detection section has been renamed to Attack Protection
  • Multi-factor Authentication and Attack Protection (Previously Anomaly Detection) have been moved under the new Security section
  • Attack Protection (Previously Anomaly Detection) and Multi-Factor Authentication features now present a refreshed and simpler configuration experience
  • Guides for crafting Security dashboards using our Log Streaming functionality are available under the Monitoring section

If you happen to have any questions please feel free to comment below or open a new Community topic, thanks!


This looks good.

Can I ask if there has been any changes to what functionality each of your payment plans has access to here?

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Thanks for reaching out with those questions. Based on the article we only introduced changes to the user experience of using that part of our stack which is the Dashboard to make the navigation easier. Nothing changed here in terms of payment plans.

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