Audit logs in Auth0 dashboard

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Does Auth0 audit who has change the configurations in dashboard. Is there possibility to see audit logs about configuration changes in Auth0 dashboard by super admin?


Hey @amrin.shaikh !

Unfortunately the audit logs option is not available. When it comes to our logs options, you can read more on that here: and inspect your logs in here:

@Konrad: There are more than one admin for Auth0 dashboard and I would like to see the audits which admin has changed the configurations of Auth0 . The logs in dashboard shows only login and password change related information. Can you tell me if such audits will be available in future?

Yep @amrin.shaikh I totally get your usecase. As I’ve said it’s not available at the moment. It’s on our product roadmap but I’m not able to tell you when it’s gonna get shipped. It will be useful if you provide the feedback about your usecase using our feedback site: so as to push it forward.

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Hey there,

Got some news here! I was told by one of our engineers that. We actually have some sort of audit logs. Far from perfect, but we track all configuration changes as “sapi” events. So filtering events by API Operation will actually get the audit logs.

For operations that are made from the dashboard in particular, you could add"" to the search box. The user will be part of the event payload.