Importing users and devices from DUO

Hi! We are considering using Auth0 and we’re currently using our authentication system that uses Duo for 2FA.
Is there any way we can match our current DUO users with the new Auth0 users?
So far, I created a user in Auth0 and it was prompted to enrol in DUO. I enrolled my device and a new user with a cryptic username was created in DUO and attached to the device. We would like to skip that step since we implemented MFA recently and our end users just got their devices enrolled.


Yes you can achieve this functionality in auth0. You need to impliment custome DB script to validate user from your backend and import to auth0 system as well. The benefit of importing user to auth0 system is that next time same user won’t be authenticated from your backend instead that user will be authenticated from atuh0 system to save time and network call.

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Thanks a lot Rashid for sharing that knowledge here!

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