Cisco Duo and Auth0

Hi there,

We have a Pro Auth0 account and we have been considering integration of a Cisco DUO account for the purpose of MFA.

First question: Does anyone have any information on what MFA looks like when using Cisco DUO?

Second question: Would we need to duplicate our users into DUO for this to work? Or can we leave management in Auth0 as normal?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @bwalsh,

Our Configure Cisco Duo Security for MFA docs page has an image of the widget and describes how to set it up (no need to duplicate users from what I can tell).

Hi Dan, Great thank you for your response.

So in your opinion, I could have a very simple DUO account that just manages MFA while Auth0 has all my users and manages them?

I don’t know all of the details of the DUO product (I’ve only tested the DUO free trial in my tenants), but generally, yes. You should be able to set up a DUO account and connect it to Auth0, then allow your users to self service enroll.

I would suggest you to set up and test both products to ensure it fits your use case. It should only take about 5-10 minutes to get DUO integrated with Auth0.

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