Import users with their passwords from Atlassian Crowd

I have a user pool in Atlassian Crowd that I would like to import in auth0, ideally with their passwords.

I have installed the extension user import export and by looking at the documentation here I can pass custom hash parameters in the json file.

The passwords in Crowd look like this credential":“{PKCS5S2}…”

The only thing I could find in Atlassian is this post, specifically says " hashes with PBKDF2 and a round length of 10,000" and I can pbkdf2 listed in the auth0 extension so in theory it is possible.

I was wondering if anyone has ever attempted this and if not, get some guidance on how to start.

Hi @acaselli,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Finding the correct format of the import can take some trial and error.

Do you have access to the params listed here?

I would suggest creating a dev/test user and trying to import their password successfully. For example, create a user with a password of password and try to import that to Auth0 and log in with those values.

You may also want to search for related info about the algo you are using. For example, here is a thread that could be insightful.

Let me know if you have any questions.