Importing users with custom password hash

I am trying to test Bulk User Imports but I can’t find the best way to send a basic encryption method.
For testing purposes lets say I’m using sha256 to encrypt password+salt with 100 iterations:

A password in the DB would look like this
The first 4 digits would be the salt we used for creating the encryption, and the rest is the actual result after 100 iterations (password+salt)

Example code would be

const getHash = (string) => crypto

    const passwordPlain = 'hello'
    const salt = '1234'
    let passwordToHash = salt + passwordPlain

    for (let i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
      passwordToHash = getHash(passwordToHash);
// 35e7f5fc530c66ee830fd7d53f8d489b467a3edd81fbd2412947897d6bef12c0

Would it be possible to use bulk import with custom_password_hash with an approach like this?
We are trying to avoid configuring reset password email.
Even though this is not exactly how the final solution will be, it will give us an idea for the real implementation.