Implementing OAuth2.0 with Angular-1 and Spring Boot

I have 2 spring boot projects. One is spring boot web project which I am using as my front end client using angular 1. Another spring boot project is spring boot core project which I am using as my backend server.

Server side project contains microservices APIs which I have to secure from direct access from browser. So I have registered my project under OAuth2.0. I am using client_credentials grant type.

I am generating JWT Token from my web project as explained in Test part of my Oauth2 API Dashboard. It is generating JWT which I am passing in my API call under Authorization Header. Now I want to understand what all implementation required at server side.

Do I just need Resource Server and Security Configuration ? Or do I need to implement Authorization server also ?

Hi @sarang.dave,

I apologize for the delayed response on this question. I would like to reopen the topic for discussion and provide some assistance.

Take a look at this resource if you are trying to add your own authorization server:

Auth0 can also act as the authorization server.


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