If we wanted to implement our own single sign on app that is hosted on our own servers that services other apps (similar to accounts.google.com) that utilizes auth0, would that be possible?

The reason I ask is the main concern is we’d like auth0 stuff happening on a single sign on app that we host and control on our own servers, not some custom/hosted page on auth0’s end.

So in summary, we’d have a single app (domain a for example) servicing other apps (domain b, and domain c for instance). Domain a would be the only place utilizing logic with auth0 and would be hosted on our own servers. People signed in to domain a are signed into domain b and c as well. Requests to domain b and c auth silently and only redirect to domain a if we need to authenticate.

What do you mean when you say SSO app? When you give the example of accounts.google.com, do you mean to say you want to serve the login form centrally from a single domain e.g. accounts.example.com? Because you could easily host Lock from a custom domain, then when a user needs to login you redirect them accounts.example.com then redirect them back after they authenticate…

I don’t know if that’s helpful, I just don’t understand exactly what you’re trying to do.,I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. Do you mean you simply want to host your Login page on a custom domain??

We’d like “domain a” that serves as the single sign on domain for “domain b” and “domain c” to be hosted on our servers, not with auth0. Is that possible? We don’t want to do a cname pointing to a auth0 server etc. We want the single sign on domain hosted on our own servers but utilizing auth0s technology for managing authentication and user management.

When you say “domain a” do you mean the tenant auth0 domain (e.g. example.auth0.com)?

No, I mean a domain name of our own choosing hosted and pointed at our own servers.

You should consider getting the PSaaS Appliance - here’s how you can use custom domains: https://auth0.com/docs/appliance/custom-domains

Thank you, this looks like what I was looking for.