IdP Initiated SSO with Universal Login or Passwordless Connections

Does Auth0 support Azure AD as the IdP (native, saml, oidc) where alternative SSO login methods such as phone number, user name, or fingerprints are allowed?

I would like to login using a phone number instead of an email. I can see that passwordless and universal login might support that, but I cannot tell whether it is available for Azure AD as the IdP.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @erik-guerrero_gmf,

Passwordless is it’s own connection type where Auth0 is the IdP. You can’t use Azure AD with a passwordless connection.

Have you tried setting up an Azure AD connection and testing the login flow you are looking for? Connect Your App to Microsoft Azure Active Directory

The IdP initiated bit might cause some issues. See this doc: Configure IdP-Initiated SAML Sign-on to OIDC Apps

Hi @dan.woda,

Thank you for confirming. I haven’t tried setting up an Azure AD connection yet, since I am trying to figure out the capabilities via documentation prior to a POC. I have a requirement to setup inbound federation, (with Azure AD as the IdP), that will allow other authentication factors other than the email. For example, phone number, one-time password, fingerprint, etc. I can’t tell from the documentation whether an Azure AD connection will support that.

Thank you,

I would suggest setting up an Azure AD Connection and testing it out. It only takes a minute or two to connect an existing AAD connection, then you can click the “try” button and see if you are getting the right flow.

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