Identifier First hook or rule

Hi, guys,
at last we have Identifier First out of the box! So I have a question, is there a way to intercept a login from the first screen? For my purpose HRD is not enough. I’m building a multi - tenant application and want to keep users from every tenant (don’t be confused with auth0 tenants) in a separate DB connection. So that having login I can find the corresponding connection and redirect user to the corresponding login screen with “connection” parameter.

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Glad to hear you are using the new identifier first update! I will have to research this a bit more and I will let you know what I find. Are you using the New Universal Login Experience?

Hi, @stephanie.chamblee ,
I’m using New Universal Login Experience.
Thank you!

Hi @vholovko,

Unfortunately, there is not a hook or rule that is run after HRD. With the New Universal Login, the user’s domain is checked against the registered enterprise connections enabled in your tenant:

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