I would like to delete my auth0.com account associated with my email account and the account on this site too

Hello i have made an account on here but i realized that i have no use for it anymore i know that i should contact the support group through dms about my email address but i do not know how to contact them through dms help for deleting my account is sincerely appreciated i would also like to add that i’m an admin on the thing whatever it is so i can’t delete on my own

@tyf sorry to disturb but you are the only support member active right now i know how to dm so please give me some assistance oh and also @rueben.tiow

Update: @support i have made an account on Auth0 by Okta FGA because i thought it was the same site i only logged on through google so it is okay but if i have an account could you deal with it too?

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I no longer need my account and would like to delete it. As an admin, I can’t delete it myself. Please guide me on how to contact jetnet aa support through DMs and any steps needed to complete the deletion.

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Hi @bbruh6182,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

You will need to send @support a private message in the Community requesting to delete your account.

Please follow our guidelines in this knowledge solution.


Hi @rueben.tiow I have already sent @support a private message

I have also sent tyf and marceline? A message as well as the support group

I sent it yesterday if you could please check it out it will be very much appreciated


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Hi @bbruh6182,

Thanks for the reply.

Absolutely, I’d be happy to help you with that right away. :saluting_face: