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I am using auth0-vue for user authentication. I have added the github login connection in my auth0 console, selected the permission to view the user repo. I have also created the github auth0 application in my developer settings and the login/permession process in my frontend work as expected. Then when the code and state is returned after the user logs in I am sending the code to my back end server to make the following request for the github access token:

def get_github_token(code: str, state: str = None):
    conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection("github.com")

    payload = ""

    conn.request("POST", f"/login/oauth/access_token?code={code}&client_id={my_github_client_id}&client_secret={my_github_client_secret}", payload)

    res = conn.getresponse()
    data = res.read()


    return None

But I keep getting:


I have double and triple checked the github client id and secret I am using and they are correct, Where am I going wrong?

Hi @TadewosBell,

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The code is single use and can’t be used to get a second token in your backend. In your backend, you want to get the IDP (GitHub) token directly from the management API.

You can do that following this guide:

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