Bad credentials for GitHub GraphQL authentication

Hi there.

I’m working in a React SPA connected to GitHub GraphQL API. I was working in my local until couple of days go, so I just generated an OAuth token for testing and coding in my environment. Now that I got the app finished, I’m trying to add proper authorization mechanism with auth0 to grant access to each GitHub user, but I can’t get it working properly.

I’ve followed these tutorials:

The whole process seems fine:

  1. My SPA requests proper auth access to GitHub with necessary scope mentioned on their docs
  2. The auth flow is completed successfully
  3. I call GitHub GraphQL API with the access token I got but it always says “bad credentials”

As I said, the GitHub GraphQL API connection works fine when I generate the OAuth token from my settings, so the connection to their API is fine. I followed all necessary steps for connecting to GitHub login, I don’t know if I’m missing something… Could anyone help me with this? Thanks!