I get this jwt_auth ip_blocked Any suggestions will help

I am working on a mobile app that uses Wordpress RESTAPI with JWT auth to validate users. While testing the app, I get a 403 error. When I test with POSTMAN I get this feedback below

“code”: “[jwt_auth] ip_blocked”,
“message”: “You have exceeded maximum login retries
Please try after 24 hour(s)”,
“data”: {
“status”: 403

My worries are this. My IP is not the only blocked access. No user can log into the app from any other location. what is this happens while the app has been launched? Now I have to wait for another 24hours, it has happened before and I had to wait 24 hours.

What can I do to first unblock my IP and prevent this from happening to all users when we lunch. I have written the hosting company and also waiting for there responds.

I just want to be sure it’s not a hosting or WordPress issues. Anyone with suggestions that can help?

Hi @legendchyke,

You can use these endpoint to manage your user blocks.

Have you looked at our docs on this feature?