I don't understand how to change language at all

Hi. I came here just a few hours ago.
What I have done to make Create Applications → vue → get sample app
so I confirmed I can use auth0’s login and register service.
But I’d like to change language.

  1. I changed my language of tenant setting. (It does not change my app’s language at all)
  2. I saw so may articles from here community
  3. But I don’t understand how to change my app’s language from English to Korean.

Please help me sir!

Hey there @z9612 :wave:

We support a wide range of languages through our localization and internationalization.

If we hone in on the New Universal Login Experience, the value of the ui_locales parameter would be set for Korean as ko

By chance, if you are not using the New Universal Login Experience please let me know. Thanks!



As I told you I read a lot of about the ‘localization and internationalization’.
So I know what I have to do is just to change the parameter from en to ko.
But I don’t know where can I find the ‘ui_locales’.
In code that you provided? or in API setting? or in some other place?

I’m not good at English so my expression would be a little bit rude, but I don’t meant do it.
Thank you for you help in advance.

When using auth0.js, you can specify extra parameters like the ui_locales parameter sent to the Authorization Request endpoint.


webAuth = new auth0.WebAuth({
        domain: domain,
        redirectUri: REDIRECT_URL,
        clientID: clientId,
        responseType: 'token id_token',

          ui_locales: 'ko'

This will then construct the authorize HTTP call with an additional query string parameter for ui_locales.

Sharing a direct quote from the openId documentation for clarification:


OPTIONAL. End-User’s preferred languages and scripts for the user interface, represented as a space-separated list of BCP47 [RFC5646] language tag values, ordered by preference. For instance, the value “fr-CA fr en” represents a preference for French as spoken in Canada, then French (without a region designation), followed by English (without a region designation). An error SHOULD NOT result if some or all of the requested locales are not supported by the OpenID Provider.

Please let me know if this helps answer your question, thanks again!

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