I can use SSO and silent authentication with the Lock Widget ?

So my use case is this:

  1. I use social connections(google and
    GitHub) and username+password
  2. I use the Lock widget
  3. I have 2 single page application
    that I will call app1 and app2

So what I want is very simple: if a user login into app1, I want that when the user visits app2, he will be already logged in.

The documentation is very confusing and most of the examples are outdated. From here seems that is possible: Single Sign-On but the example doesn’t use the Lock widget.

So my questions are:

  • is possible implement SSO with the
    Lock widget?
  • if SSO can be implemented with the
    Lock widget…it is possible to
    implement the silent authentification


I think using the SSO attribute would be enough to enable SSO as mentioned in the documentation => Lock Configuration Options

I do agree that there is no example stating that and I was kinda able to achieve the same with that option, but would love to hear from the auth0 team.

@akthechamp wait, it works the silent authentication too? it works with social logins too?

@riccardo.ar+auth0 no sorry it doesn’t seem to work for me, I have asked the support to take a look at this.

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