How/where to store user language preference?

I’m currently working on customization the Auth0 Classic Universal Login pages and emails, and localization is an important part of that, we want to communicate with users in their preferred language.

According to, we should store users’ language preferences in the user metadata:

Store any information that you want use to customize Auth0 emails in metadata and preferably user_metadata if the user is allowed to change it, such as information used to determine the language for an email.

  • Is there a recommended/prescribed name for a language preference field? lang, language or something else entirely?
  • What should be stored in the field in order for it to be picked it up correctly? en, en-US or some other form of language specifier?

There isn’t a hard rule for what the name should be in the user’s user_metadata. Our sample template on this link assumes it is user.user_metadata.lang.


Thanks for helping on that front @Saltuk!

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