How to use wildcard and case-insensitive searches for user-meta data?

I have a few questions regarding the Auth0 Management API and its user search capabilities:

  1. Does the Auth0 Management API for the /api/v2/users endpoint support wildcard search (using * as a suffix and prefix) for user metadata to retrieve matching users?. Is there any way to implement this functionality?

  2. Is it possible to perform case-insensitive searches on user metadata?

  3. I need to perform user searches based on the following query is this possible:
    Request - api/users?page=0&per_page=10&q=name:keyword+OR+email:keyword+OR+user_metadata.organization:keyword+OR+user_metadata.status:keyword

Your assistance in clarifying these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Signet.Appsupport welcome to the community!

The Management API does not support wildcards for user metadata.

Searches on user metadata are case-sensitive.

Operators AND OR and NOT are supported in search query syntax.

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