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How to use the universal login (hosted page) with wordpress?



Hi I don’t want to use the embedded login as we are having issues with cookies cross domains. What’s the best method to use the Universal Login instead of the embedded login?


Hi @markjones333 … it’s a bit of an undocumented feature (for now, we’ll label it better in an upcoming release) but if you go to wp-admin > Auth0 > Settings > Advanced tab, turn on “Auto-Login,” and leave “Auto Login Method” blank, that will redirect to the hosted login page.


Thanks. Tried this out with these settings:

It still shows embedded. Anything more i need to do ?


Just to make sure … did you save the settings?

And you’re saying that it’s still showing embedded at wp-login.php? Widgets and shortcodes will still use embedded but the login page should redirect. Try clearing your browser cache.