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How to use lock.js and auth.js features together



I am creating an app using Auth0 with Previously I was using lock widget but then due to some limitations I preferred creating my own custom ui using Auth0.js Now everything is working fine but I want to add some features of lock.js like multilanguage support, show/hide social login buttons connection wise etc. In lock we can do this by passing ‘ConfigurationOptions’ param in Auth0Lock object. I have read that we can use both lock and auth.js together in this article:
So is there anyway I can use lock features (language etc) with auth0.js


@jah this may be possible, but these two SDK’s are not really intended to be used together in this fashion and we’ve never tested this in that fashion. I am going to say this is not going to work and if you are able get it to work there won’t be any assurances future versions of lock or auth0.js will work in this regard.


Thanks for your response.