How to use Auth0 on plain HTML

I have a website, just HTML and JS, no node. All the tutorials I could find use node js, and I don’t want to use it. Is it possible to do it this way or no?

Hey there @Haaruun-I!

It would be helpful in order to provide you with any assistance if you can tell us more about your usecase and what are you trying to build? Thank you!

I’m trying to build an RSS reader app. I need Auth0 to store users’ feed lists and which items they read already. @konrad.sopala

What would be the format of those feed lists?

An array of articles,
[{ title, url, source, desc }]

And you basically want to use Auth0 for which parts of your app? Can you walk me through thee flow of thee app? How would it look like from users perspective?

The user will log in or is all ready loged in, then they will see a list of articles with a nav at the top to select between read and unread.
If it helps here is the “home page”

So you basically need Auth0 for the login part right?

Yes. getting to 20 chars

Then go for our quickstarts that will easily guide you step by step in order to have the skeleton of your project ready. You can check them here:

The problem is all of them use NodeJs. or something else like it.

Unfortunately I believe we don’t have anything with pure JavaScript

Ok, I’ll look for something else then, thank you anyways!

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No worries we’re here for you!