How to transfer tenant and related data (list of users and applications) to another Auth0 account without loosing data?

I have created a tenant with my personal Auth0 account. It has an application with more than 300 users logged in. Is it possible to transfer entire tenant (including all users, applications, data associated with tenant) to my friend’s Auth0 account?

If so, how to transfer this tenant?

Will it cause any issue (e.g. loosing currently logged in 300 user’s data/ change in API keys or re-login of users)?

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Here’s more about it, depending if you need to transfer data tenant - tenant or account - account

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Thanks @konrad.sopala for quick reply

But, I was following the approach discussed in Transfer Ownership of tenant

I want to transfer all data including user, settings, application, rules etc. to my friend’s account. I am ready to remove that tenant from my account and transfer its ownership completely to my friend’s account.

My question is, if I use the approach discussed in Transferring ownership of a tenant, will there be any issues in the future (e.g. loss of user data/change in API keys/loss of applications)? Also, who will be responsible for the payment if the tenant’s ownership is transferred and I allow my friend to remove me from the tenant?

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It seems like I’m already also talking with @gauri regarding that

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Okay it seems that you figured it out yourself. Thank you!

Yes. Thank you for the help!

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No worries we’re here for you!

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