How to sync the data in all the apps with auth0

hi i have multiple app the use the same universal login system so you can use one email to login
and its working fine the problem is when i update the user using management API i can use the silent login in my current all to refresh the user data but what about all the other app in those i i still have the old outdated date and i need to logout and login for the data to be refreshed

I am using Laravel

You can consider implementing a shared session or token system. This allows you to refresh user data across all applications without requiring a logout and login. You can Redis or a similar tool for session sharing, or create a centralized token refresh endpoint that all apps can call to update user data.

Can you give me a resource or blog on how to do that just so you know all of these app are on separate server

Hello nystateofhealthWrote@sohailahmadpsh,

Implement a user profile endpoint in your backend that fetches the latest user data from Auth0 using the Management API. Use Auth0 webhooks to trigger actions in your apps whenever user data is updated. Implement real-time data synchronization between your apps using a technology like WebSockets or server-sent events (SSE). Implement cache invalidation mechanisms in your apps to ensure that cached user data is invalidated whenever it’s updated in Auth0.

I hope this will work.

how can i trigger a website when the user data is update there is no documentation about i look at action but no action get trigger on update all of them are for login and register and forgot password etc

It sounds like you’re facing a challenge with keeping user data synchronized across multiple applications that use a common universal login system. When you update user data via the management API in one application, the changes aren’t automatically reflected in other applications until the user logs out and logs back in.