When a user is update on auth0 platform, how do i sync that data with my application database?

Reading through the documentation, I dont see an easy way to sync changes made with auth0 management and my applications database. If goes through the application and edits their info, our database record for that user is updated and an API call can be made to the management API to update the information on Auth0. But how do you do the reverse? If updates to a user are made through Auth0 directly, how does that get synced back with my application database?

Hi @majodu,

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Yes, that is correct. There is currently no easy way to sync the changes made in Auth0 to your Application database.

For now, you could propagate the updates to your application database by calling the Management API’s Get User endpoint.

Or perform a user export in Auth0 and import them back into your application database.

I hope this helps!


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