How to see complete logs in actions?

Currently seeing half of the object that also in string format. want to see complete log in object form. I am seeing logs from user history success login events

Hi @RandomPerson,

That is the correct way to view the complete Action logs. (Reference: Åctions - Analyze Tenant Logs)

On the Action Details panel, you should see a horizontal scroll bar on the bottom. You can use that to scroll to the right side of the page to view its contents.

You could also copy the logs and paste them into a text editor as a way to verify the contents.

I hope that helps!


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My horizontal scroll bar is already at extreme right

Hi @RandomPerson,

Thanks for the reply.

I was not able to reproduce the issue you mentioned. See below:

Could you please try viewing the logs in a different browser and see if it produces different results?

AFAIK, this should not happen and you should be able to scroll further to the right to see your logs.

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