How to search Auth0 Logs wildcard against "description" field

I am trying to search the logs in my tenant dashboard
I am getting errors that have description like this:
DB Login Custom script: email " " is not valid, please update the import user script in the connection settings.

What I’d like to do is search specifically for these error messages
I can’t use double quotations, because it is an exact match
But I haven’t been able to find anything that say searches for
description contains “DB Login Custom script”

any ideas how to do this?

Hi @fractal ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I would use * to concatenate the words. Could you please try description:*DB*Login*Custom*script*?

Perfect, that worked well!

FYI, what I was really trying to do was find all errors, filtering out those ‘known issues’ in our application.

type:f* AND NOT description:*DB*Login*Custom*script*

Thanks for sharing your search string with us! :+1:

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