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How to retrieve another user's user_id based on email address?



Is there an API to get user_detail information based on the email address instead of the user_id?

Basically, I’m setting up a chat system and I want the user to be able to enter their friend’s email address instead of a very long user_id value. Is there anyway to retrieve the user_id based on the email address?


The Management API User Search endpoint supports this.

You could perform a search with email:"" as the q parameter.


OK. I’ll test that out. Thank you!!! =)


Do you have an example of how to do this via Objective-C in an iOS application?

I’m having some trouble with it. It keeps returning 404 not found. But, when I test it from the management API in a web browser with the same API token, that works.

Does this have to be put in the body tag? In my iOS code, I just have it appended to the end of the URL. But, that doesn’t seem to work at all.


Never mind. I got it. =) I had an extra / in my URL that wasn’t needed.